The Company Card solution tools include a robust collection of web applications, databases and processing engines.

Our hosted product line resides in our cloud based server farms which are secure, fully redundant and strategically located. These servers farms deliver you secure high-performance connectivity to your business applications and data.

We also license our entire product line to companies that wish to host their own.

CardProfit©, Company Card’s database farm, houses, protects and delivers your data on demand.

Our database farm contains the most comprehensive and efficient collection of card processing structures and business logic in the market place. This means that you get the data you need, when you need it.

CardDirector© is our customer and card management module and a member of our web application suite. User friendly web pages facilitate the adding, maintaining and reporting of all of the information related to your customers and their purchasing cards.

CardDirector© captures all of the basic information such as names, addresses, contacts, emails, and phone numbers, etc. Beyond the basics, our software offers an unprecedented selection of card processing options: Spending Rules (Dollars or Quantity), Shopping Frequency Rules, Product Rules and Site Rules, Time of Day and Day of Week Rules, Custom & Dynamic Rules, Custom Receipt Rules and much more.

CardCollect© offers end to end pricing, reporting, payment and accounts receivable solutions for in house receivables, loyalty and gift card processing.

Create your own pricing and taxing rules on a customer or card basis; cost plus, retail minus, tax exclude, tax include etc.

Choose to best fit card management reporting and invoicing for your customers from styles range from full fleet management reports to basic consumer reports.

Allow CardCollect© to handle your full accounts receivable processing or connect it to your existing AR and general ledgers systems.

You set the rules and CardCollect© will do the processing.

SiteDirector©, also a member of our web application suite, manages the attributes of your locations. Locations attributes options include basic site and communication requirements as well as enhanced features like site direction mapping and photographs showcasing your stores.

CardAccess© is an online portal that allows your customer cardholders to login and view all activity and reporting related to their card activity.

SiteAccess© is an online portal that allows your merchant or dealer partners to login and view all activity and reporting related to their store activity.

CardAccredit Engine©, Company Card’s core processing engine, receives and manages live store connections and delivers custom shopping experiences to your customer based on the rules applied in CardDirector©.